Executive Coaching for Lawyers

Lawyer Coaching is a client-driven approach to professional development for lawyers. Even experienced and successful lawyers who have been practicing for years use coaching to reflect, refine and reinvigorate their practice and deal with the changing market conditions

You set the pace and determine the outcome. The coach provides support, structure, focus and accountability. The result is a powerful alliance that allows you to maintain focus on where you want your practice to be in the next six months, a year, two years, five years. To see how other attorneys have used lawyer coaching, take a look at the case studies below:

Testimonials from Lawyers Who Have Benefitted from Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions about Lawyer Coaching

Case Studies

From “putting out fires” to an efficient law practice with measurable productivity gains

Helping a New Orleans attorney rebuild after being displaced by Hurricane Katrina

Advancing an In-House Career

Establishing Work/Life Balance: Realizing Full Potential

A Megafirm Administrator

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