Client Testimonials

See what past and present clients have said about the benefits Debra’s coaching has had on their practice:

Throughout all my coaching lessons, Debra provided a framework by which I was accountable for my own actions and progress.  She also provided me with a safe haven when needed, but tough love on those occasions when progress was stymied by my own perceived limitations. All of the recommended resources and training offered by Debra proved to be valuable sources that I continue to use and share with others.  The perspectives and life experiences that she openly shared have provided me with a great deal of insight that gives me food for thought on a daily basis. 

Executive, U.S. Government Agency
Houston, TX

You gave me some suggestions as to how to “gracefully” handle a few specific situations that I had consciously been avoiding (and therefore not moving forward on marketing). I really appreciated that. It was also nice to have someone to bounce ideas off — you added some suggestions that caused me to revise my original plan and I thought they were good suggestions.

I appreciated working with you. Keep up the good work.

C. K.
Environmental Lawyer
St. Louis, MO

Having an independent assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of my current client development efforts was invaluable. Secondly, having periodic, regularly scheduled appointments to discuss my progress motivated me to keep marketing a high priority regardless of how busy I was and made me more consistent in my marketing effort. Finally, Debra’s encouragement and affirmation that I was doing the right things in my marketing effort gave me confidence that my efforts will have long term positive results, even if immediate results do not occur.

Raleigh, N.C.

Debra’s calls provided for accountability. Debra made a list of marketing “to dos” and we went over that list during each call. The program provides structure and focus to my marketing efforts. It helped me eliminate the ad hoc nature of my marketing efforts and encouraged planning and thought before jumping into an event, conference or client meeting.

In addition, I have appreciated Debra as a sounding board for marketing ideas. She always provided thoughtful responses to my questions.

Thanks again for your help.

M. D.
Corporate & Securities Lawyer
Winston-Salem, N.C.

Debra is a good listener and very responsive. She was adept at assessing situations and provided effective suggestions on how to modify my approach to ensure successful outcomes. Her insights were very valuable.

In addition to the above, Debra provided practical tools for organization, coached me to improve my delegation skills, and helped me strategize on how to improve client relationships that resulted in additional work for the firm.

D. S.
Public Utilities attorney
Phoenix, AZ

The most useful aspect of our coaching sessions was being able to use Debra as a sounding board for some of my marketing/networking ideas. She was able to help me clarify my thinking on many of these issues and at times help me take my ideas to the next level. She was also helpful in making me realize that I was sitting on many marketing opportunities with existing clients that I was not fully taking advantage of.

J. S.
Estate Planning Lawyer
Tucson, AZ

There were two things that made Debra’s coaching valuable. First, the element of accountability motivated me to take action on the items that we discussed. Second, Debra’s perspective was extremely helpful. In many situations, it is difficult to determine how to follow up or first approach a prospective client due to preconceived notions or set attitudes regarding marketing. A third-party perspective brought to light many simple, common-sense approaches that were easy to implement and understand, yet deceptively simple.

M. S.
Real Estate Attorney
Las Vegas, NV

I did want to thank you again for all your guidance and assistance. Your suggestion about reconnecting with former clients was a great one and yielded immediate dividends to me in the form of two new matters for the firm (out of the first three former clients who I contacted). I will make it my business to continue to apply the valuable insights that you provided to me during the course of our sessions. Once again, thank you for your insights and continued support.

R. K.
White Collar Criminal Lawyer
New Jersey

We have weekly sessions that have been invaluable to me. I have utilized her coaching to conduct seminars with my staff. What I have learned in coaching from Debra has not only improved my relationship with my staff, it has helped me improve my relationships with my clients and my supervisors.

I am a firm believer that through Debra’s coaching, my personal life with my wife, family and friends has become so much more enjoyable and fulfilling. I apply things I learn from Debra’s coaching every day in both my professional life and personal life. I believe that my colleagues, clients, friends and family have all noticed a positive difference in my attitude.

W. C.
In-house Counsel
Houston, TX

Thank you so much for assisting me on my 30 second commercial. I had been really struggling with that and now my new 30 second commercial seems so second nature.

K. G.
Richardson, TX

I just wanted to drop you a little note thanking you for your advice and insight. I’m going down a path of discovery right now and it was a pleaseure to have met you. As your time was very valuable to me , please accept my check enclosed.

T. B
Duncanville, TX

You are wonderful to work with and have guided me through some insightful processes.

D. T.
Houston, TX

Thank you so much for your wisdom and listening skills and your willingness to share. It has helped so much. I could never forget you and the wonderful conversations that helped me through each week.

L. D.
Houston, TX

You have helped me incredibly. First, you have made me become very aware of my “gremlins”. I tell you that whenever a negative thought enters my mind, I immediately recognize it for what it is and banish it completely from my mind! I do not allow it to linger or influence me in any way!

G. R.
Houston, TX

You are wonderful to work with and have guided me through some insightful processes.After twenty years as a lawyer, and a severe case of burnout, I began coaching with Debra Bruce in hopes of finding a new professional footing. Debra has an amazing ability to listen, provide guidance and offer helpful input while, at the same time, allowing her client to come to their own conclusions. In my case, I needed support to allow myself to decide that I wanted to take a break from the practice of law – perhaps permanently – and to pursue other interests that are more compatible with raising three children. Debra helped me see that the decision was mine to make and that I need not confine myself to one option. She also provided concrete guidelines for moving forward and a gentle means of accountability. I found Debra’s coaching style to be extremely warm, insightful and supportive. I recommend her heartily to anyone struggling with change or a lack of direction.

Bellevue, Washington

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