Finding Work: 8 Reasons for and 4 Warnings about using LinkedIn

LinkedIn logo“Why would I want a LinkedIn profile? I keep up with my friends and connections on Facebook.” That’s what young lawyers looking for work often say when I ask them about networking and how they use LinkedIn. Older lawyers often view any kind of social media as a waste of time. Whether “looking for work” means job-hunting or client development, LinkedIn can be a useful tool. Here are 8 reasons why.

1. Professional Focus

LinkedIn focuses primarily on business connections by highlighting companies and their employees and former employees. Although LinkedIn has a collaborative culture like most other social media, it provides a forum to strut your stuff tastefully, because participants tacitly acknowledge its self-promotional and business networking purpose. Clients, recruiters and employers come to LinkedIn looking for what you have to offer. Journalists also peruse LinkedIn for knowledgeable people to interview about newsworthy topics.

2. Resume on Steroids

LinkedIn invites you to flesh out your profile with everything you would include in a resume, and a lot more. The format keeps readers interested with links to significant categories of information. Your LinkedIn resume can include links to your website, blog, Twitter profile, groups you belong to and more. When you reconnect with an old acquaintance, it would be awkward or inappropriate to hand them your resume. LinkedIn does that for you.

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Updating Your Marketing Strategy

Debra L. Bruce, JD, PCC.

071613 Updating Your Marketing StrategyBack in 1980 when I started practicing law, lawyers touted this client development strategy: “Just do good work.” Even back then, that sounded naïve and simplistic to me, but perhaps it had validity when there were fewer lawyers competing for clients. The number of attorneys has almost tripled since then, yet I still hear experienced lawyers give newer lawyers that same business development advice.

The legal world has changed, however, and the old ways need a makeover. This article will provide a few ideas for updating some well-worn (and perhaps worn-out) business development strategies.

Focus on the Client

A Law Firm Associate’s Primer on Law Firm Economics

Debra L. Bruce, JD, PCC.

Law Firm EconomicsSometimes I speak to law students about law firm economics. The schools want me to tell students the financial aspects of law firms that young lawyers need to know, in order to be successful there. Law firm managing partners want me to help students understand how long it takes for a new lawyer to be profitable for the firm. Here’s some information about law firm economics for law students and young lawyers that serves the needs of everyone. Read more «A Law Firm Associate’s Primer on Law Firm Economics»

Keep a Success Journal to Be a Happier and More Productive Lawyer

Debra L. Bruce, JD, PCC.

Keeping a Success Journal BlogIt’s that “rubber-meets-the-road” time of year  again.  When solos start closing out the books on their law practices for the year, it spurs them to look back and take a little personal inventory.  Some law firms and law departments ask their lawyers to summarize their accomplishments in connection with their annual performance review.  I ask my clients to scrutinize their successes and their disappointments for the year that is ending, before setting their goals for the year to come.

As I assist lawyers with these processes, I notice that, although they may remember their shortcomings and disappointments with all the gory detail of a train wreck, they often forget significant achievements from the first half of the year. They also forget the heartfelt note of appreciation they received from a client four months ago and the midnight oil they burned for weeks to meet an important deadline. Sometimes when they master a skill or change a habit, the new behavior becomes so natural that they don’t count it as an achievement. They forget the awkwardness of their first attempts and how daunting the hurdle initially seemed.

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