The Solution Is Templates with Userforms: What Was The Question?

By Tamara Portnoy
What an attorney really needs is a simple way to produce regular forms and frequently used documents which, of course, means; templates, templates, templates. Yes, there can be a learning curve to create truly useful templates but you only have to create them once. Then you just use them over and over. If something changes you only have to change it in one place. Using automatic dates, line and page numbering, internal referencing and table of contents make templates even more useful and accurate. Too often attorneys cannibalize documents and end up with something that says Read more «The Solution Is Templates with Userforms: What Was The Question?»

Template with Document Properties

By Tamara Portnoy

Attorneys avoid templates because they think templates are too hard to make and too hard to use. Templates that incorporate bookmarks are simple but have limited usefulness to a law office, especially with repeating content. When you have to type someone’s name over and over in a document bookmarks seem pointless. An alternative to bookmarks is document properties. Word documents come with a set of properties built-in but you can introduce more properties and use them to create template documents.

To view document properties choose: Read more «Template with Document Properties»

Introducing Guest Blogger Tamara Portnoy – “Attorneys: Stop Cannibalizing Documents”

Tamara Portnoy has worked for attorneys since 1985, but her real passion is computer software. She expresses this passion in law offices by creating tools to make work flow more smoothly.

She has worked for six firms, in three different states, in nearly every area of law, whether the firm had 2 attorneys or over 500, and all of these attorneys used computers as just glorified typewriters.

She earned her paralegal certificate and then returned to the same program two years later to develop and teach computer use to paralegals. No course was offered at the time she went through the program.

From 1995 to 2000 she worked in Silicon Valley at an internet start-up, seeing it grow from angel investors to initial public offering and merger with a competitor. After spending several years at home raising two children, she returned to working in law offices and found that many attorneys have improved their computer skills but most still use computers only as digital typewriters.

She learned to leverage the power already built into software. Now is the time to improve efficiencies and reduce duplication, waste, and errors in the law office. Pressure on the billable hour and client demands for cost reduction make this the perfect time for lawyers to embrace the power of the technology already sitting on the desk.

Stop Cannibalizing Documents

Commonly, when you need to prepare a pleading or document you think “the last case I did one of those for was _____.”   Read more «Introducing Guest Blogger Tamara Portnoy – “Attorneys: Stop Cannibalizing Documents”»