The Lawyer-Coach Team

Debra L. Bruce

Debra Bruce is President of Lawyer-Coach LLC. She practiced law for 18 years in several firms ranging in size from international mega-firm Baker Botts, to medium-size and even her own entrepreneurial firm. Debra focused on securities law and mergers and acquisitions, but also consulted to and assisted trial attorneys in a number of cases.
Debra draws on her extensive legal experience, as well as a degree in Psychology and well over 500 hours in training as a professional coach, to help lawyers improve their management skills, increase productivity and bring in more business. She also helps burned-out lawyers redesign their practices for greater fulfillment or transition to a new career.
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Cynthia K. Hubert

Cynthia Hubert is an executive coach whose practice centers on coaching lawyers to achieve results in both their professional and personal lives. She has a solid record of accomplishment as a transactional lawyer herself, having practiced at the international mega-firm Baker Botts and a medium-sized regional firm, as well as her own small firm. Relying heavily on perspectives gained in her own experience, Cynthia ensures that her work with attorneys is framed in the proper context, efficient in delivery, and effective in producing results.