How Do I Decide Where to Locate My Law Office? Part 2

Client DemographicsThis is Part 2 of a 4 part series, How Do I Decide Where to Locate My Law Office?  We’ve looked at types of offices and practice areas in previous posts; now it’s time for you to do some detective work to determine where your potential clients are.  

Client Demographic Data

Sometimes it isn’t obvious where to find your target clients. You can get some assistance from your government in locating them, however.  Small Business Development Centers funded by your tax dollars provide free counseling to small businesses, including a law practice. The SBDC provides services relating to financial and business planning, marketing, and feasibility studies, among other matters. The SBDC will do marketing and demographic research for you based on the parameters you establish, for free. By way of example, the SBDC can help a wills, trusts and estates lawyer identify an office building close to the neighborhoods that have the highest number of married couples with small children and an annual family income in excess of $150,000.

My next post, Part 3, will look at demographics of your peers. For the other posts in the series, click here: Practice Focus, Attorney Demographics, Small Town or Big City.


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