What Kind of Law Office Space Should I Have? Pros and Cons – Part 4

This post is part 4 of a 5 part series by Debra L. Bruce on factors to consider in determining what kind of law office arrangement to have for your law practice.  Part 1 discussed the home office, Part 2 looked at shared office space and Part 3 considered subleased space.  Today Debra addresses the executive suite.

Executive Suite2Executive Suite


1. You have cost efficiencies of shared space, and a full-time receptionist to answer the phone and greet clients.
2. Office furniture may be included.
3. The term of your lease is not dependent on the term of any other tenant’s lease.
4. Professional management deals with most of the equipment maintenance, staff performance issues and problems with other tenants.
5. You have your own direct telephone line, and the receptionist answers with the name of your firm.
6. The other tenants may be non-lawyers who can use your services and make referrals to you.
7. Usually executive suites are located in desirable business locations.


  1. You have no control over who your suite mates are, and they may change frequently.
  2. There may be upcharges for using the amenities, such as the copier or conference rooms.
  3. You do not set the policies or operating hours of the larger office.
  4. You will need to book conference rooms in advance, and they could be in high demand.
  5. While the reception area is usually nicely appointed, the individual offices may be rather small and plain.
  6. In an office situation that includes non-lawyers, the personnel may not have proper appreciation for client confidentiality and other ethical responsibilities of lawyers.
  7. You may not have the authority to train personnel about such ethical issues, nor do you have the ability to control turnover of personnel.

Debra’s last post in this series will discuss the combination of  home office + office hoteling.  To catch up on the 1st 3 and the last post in the series, follow the links regarding the relative pros & cons of: a home law office, shared office spacesubleased space, and a home law office + office hoteling.


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