Bloomberg Law Makes My Day!

Debra L. Bruce, JD, PCC.

loyer law-yer pic2OMG! I am excited and I owe a big “Thank You!” to Bloomberg Law. Finally Siri can understand me!
Maybe I can pay it forward by helping other sufferers from my problem. Let me explain.

I’m an avid fan of technology and I use my iPhone a lot. I’m not a good thumb typist, however. So when I want to send an email or text, do a Google search or jot a note to myself on my iPhone, I prefer to dictate it to Siri.

I frequently have reason to say or type the word “lawyer.” Unfortunately, Siri just can’t understand me when I say that. She types many variations, including:

  • Law your
  • Law you’re
  • Larger
  • Allow your
  • Lighter
  • Lauder

I tried saying it slower and faster. I tried enunciating as clearly as I could. I moved the phone closer and farther away. I tried headphones. Nothing worked.

I have adapted by substituting the word “attorney” as often as possible. But when you’re a lawyer-coach and the name of your company is Lawyer-Coach LLC and your website is, there are a lot of times when you just have to say “lawyer.” How I wished that Siri could be trained to understand me like the Dragon speech recognition software in my office.

The folks at Bloomberg Law became my new heroes when I happened upon their video: Loyer v. Law-yer: How Do You Say It? It turns out that Siri is not from the South. Most of the people from New York on that video said “loyer.” That pronunciation never occurred to me, nor to any of my friends that I asked for help.

Now when I say “loyer” to Siri, she gets me! I’m thankful for small blessings.


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