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Our own Debra Bruce makes a cameo TV appearance relating to the Guide to Good Divorce on Great Day Houston with Debra Duncan, tomorrow morning on KHOU at 9am.

Technology Toolbox: These are a few of our favorite things…

This week I had the privilege of participating in the virtual professionals round table discussion sponsored by The Paralegal Mentor.  After hearing each other’s stories as to how we ended up as virtual professionals in the legal services industry, the discussion quickly turned to technology.

The very next day Law Technology News published the article Virtual Paralegals Move Legal Work Online.  LTN’s news editor Brendan McKenna covered the bases by gathering information from at least 9 different paralegals, myself included, concerning the definition of virtual paralegal, inspiration for starting a virtual paralegal business, and the technology used.  McKenna even registers the preference of several paralegals to be described as freelance rather than virtual.

Participation in both of these discussions with at least 12 other virtual paralegal professionals led me to the following conclusions: Read more «Technology Toolbox: These are a few of our favorite things…»

Template with Document Properties

By Tamara Portnoy

Attorneys avoid templates because they think templates are too hard to make and too hard to use. Templates that incorporate bookmarks are simple but have limited usefulness to a law office, especially with repeating content. When you have to type someone’s name over and over in a document bookmarks seem pointless. An alternative to bookmarks is document properties. Word documents come with a set of properties built-in but you can introduce more properties and use them to create template documents.

To view document properties choose: Read more «Template with Document Properties»

Are Smartphones Confidentiality Risks for Lawyers?

Debra L. Bruce, JD, PCC.

Jared Correia  of LOMAP posted some important factors attorneys should consider in response to a question he frequently gets: Should solos use a smartphone as their primary telephone? He pointed out a number of concerns that the lawyer should address, including the ability to “wipe” a lost or stolen phone, and Plan B for practical issues such as dead zones and dead batteries, for a mobile lawyer.

I would like to add another security issue that should be taken into account. All lawyers, including those who also have a regular land line at the office, should give some thought to this. More and more issues are surfacing about apps having unexpected access to data stored on or transmitted by smartphones. Today the Washington Post reported that “Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has called on the FTC to investigate Apple and Google after reports that smartphone and tablet apps could pick up more data from consumer’s phones than they realize.”

Last fall HTC Android phones were reported to have security flaws that would expose access through some apps to email addresses, call logs, GPS information and other data on the smartphones. Gizmodo posted a video showing hidden spyware on Android and Apple smartphones that Read more «Are Smartphones Confidentiality Risks for Lawyers?»

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