Free Texas Bar Webcast: Strategies for Weathering a Challenging Economy

Thursday, December 30th, 2010
12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Complimentary Registration Fee
Does not Qualify for MCLE Credit  

Take advantage of this great oportunity. The State Bar of Texas rarely offers free webcasts. Even if you are unable to veiw the webcast at the time it airs, simply completeing the free registration allows you the ability to go back and watch it later.

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Tune in for a discussion on strategies to ensure that your are on the top of your game. Topics include:

  • Diversifying your client base
  • Retooling your practice
  • Increasing your rolodex
  • Becoming an expert
  • Distinguishing yourself from others
  • Providing services at a reasonable rate
  • Assisting with outside activities
  • Getting in front of other people with access to your clients
  • Cutting back on costs

Ms. Debra L. Bruce
, Houston – Lawyer-Coach LLC

Mr. John Meredith, Houston – Greenberg Traurig, LLP

3 Inspired Tips for a Happier Holiday

Debra L. Bruce, JD, PCC.

This is a time when we come together with people we love, hoping to share smiles, laughter and warm feelings. Yet despite our best intentions, sometimes things go awry. Maybe we have so many preparations to complete that we get stressed and irritable. Maybe we want all the food, decorations and our clothes to be just right and beautiful, and we get a little rigid or persnickety when someone else has a different vision of what that would look like. Maybe someone does that thing they always do that annoys us so much. This year we can choose to react differently, opening the way to different results.

It is Christmas Eve morning and I woke from a dream of 5 guidelines for enjoying family time during the holidays. Unfortunately I only heard 3 before I woke up, but if I remember to follow these 3, I think that will be enough. I share the strategies with you, along with my interpretations, in hopes that these reminders will help you have the holiday you intend.

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Before You Make New Year’s Resolutions…

Debra L. Bruce, JD, PCC.

There’s an old story about a guy who walked down the street and fell into a giant hole. He yelled for help for a long time, but no one came. Finally he managed to scratch out some notches in the wall, and with some difficulty, he clambered out.

The next day he walked down the same street and fell into the same hole. He didn’t yell very long before he remembered the notches he had scratched before. He dug them out a little more, and then climbed out much more quickly.

When he walked down that street the third day, he caught himself as he teetered on the brink of falling into the hole again. He walked gingerly around the hole and went on his way.

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