4 Tips for Reluctant Networkers

Debra L. Bruce, JD, PCC.

Lately I’ve been getting calls from laid off lawyers for help in augmenting their job search efforts. Contacting legal recruiters and submitting resumes online hasn’t been sufficient to land a new job. I also hear from attorneys whose business has dropped off.

One of my first questions is usually “What kind of networking do you do?” Frequently they confess that they aren’t very comfortable with networking, so they haven’t really done much. A recent caller lamented that he hadn’t tried to maintain a network when he was busy. He just focused on doing good work. When times got tough, he contacted the handful of people he had kept in touch with, but that fell short.

I wasn’t surprised at those responses. I read somewhere that 69% of lawyers are introverts. Introverts get drained by being around a lot of people and may find it stressful. Here are a few tips to make that essential networking activity more enjoyable, or at least less painful, for the reluctant networker. Read more «4 Tips for Reluctant Networkers»